This thing called NLP


NLP is an acronym for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is often referred to as the art and science of communication. If you imagine a line with simple techniques for arranging your life at one end and deep meaningful personal change at the other you will get a sense of the breadth and depth available to you with NLP.

The techniques are easily learned and utilised and have powerful results when used ecologically. For some, NLP helps them to deliver better presentations, gain in confidence, manage their weight, coach others to perform at a higher level and for others it offers the resolution of unuseful thoughts,  emotions and beliefs.

I first met NLP some 10 years ago and without wanting to sound too over the top it helped me to change my life and I now enjoy training others in this amazing technology as well as using it in my business coaching and therapy work.

So how does NLP work?

We are all creatures of habit and the sum total of our habits is what we call our ‘normal’ behaviour, if there is such a thing. Now some habits are useful and others not so much. Regardless of which behavioural habit we have it comes from a learned experience or decision which we had to first accept in our neurology before we could exhibit it in our physiology.

NLP facilitates us in changing our relationships with these learned experiences and allows us to let go of beliefs about ourselves that prevent us from becoming all that we are capable of being. Human beings have an innate desire to be right and we seek out evidence to justify and prove our decisions were the correct ones to make even when the decision did not serve us well.

NLP helps to restore our values and belief system and create in us a positive and outcome orientated approach to life. This is true whether we are talking about business or our personal lives. NLP provides us with techniques for modelling excellence in others and teaches us how to adopt such behaviours in a way that suits us. As a result we can achieve results that we may have previously felt beyond us.

In Marianne Williamsons book ‘A Course in Miracles’ she gives us an amazing poem called ‘Our Greatest Fear’. In this she challenges us to let our talents shine to encourage others. Stepping up and going beyond what we each believe limits us is the path to fulfillment.

NLP is probably one of the most powerful leadership models available today. Really good leaders engage with their hearts (unconscious mind) as well as their minds (conscious mind) and NLP helps us develop a compelling blend of conscious/unconscious integration and as result we become objective, outcome focused, empathetic and available to those we seek to lead.

There are many books out there on this fascinating technology and you can soon learn the theory of NLP by reading them. However, you cannot learn to drive a car by reading a book about it. You have to get in the car and practice and the same applies to NLP.

If you are ready for a change and want to transform your own life and or business or want to help others do the same I invite you to find an NLP training school that matches your values, enroll on a programme and learn how to use NLP in a positive, ecological and supportive way.

Thank you for reading this

Tony Wright (Dip.Psych. NLPt)

INLPTA Accredited Trainer of NLP



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