Create the Future Now


One of my teachers who showed me just how powerful personal change could be is a Californian guy called Craig. With his laid back ‘surfs up’ approach to life he encouraged me to explore how positive thinking linked to positive action significantly changes our lives.

He uses a phrase which I love and it is this

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it ….. now’

and why not?

Waiting for stuff to happen is one way to live our lives. The other is to bring what you want into your life now.

In 2003 Tom Peters, the American business consultant and author wrote a book which he called Re-Imagine. In this book he encouraged leaders in business to throw away the normal, ‘we have always done it this way’ approach and to really go for what is possible and re-imagine their business.

Well what if you were to re-imagine your life?

What could happen then?

The founder of Body Shop, Anita Ruddick who is sadly no longer with us said ‘Be Bold, Be Different but above all Be First’

To get the most out of our lives, your life, you need to be just that, bold, different and first.

There is a saying that you cannot step into the same river twice. Well the same applies to each of us. We are all truly unique. There has never been and will never be another one of you. You are a one off and as a result are truly priceless.

Give yourself the gift of time and spend 10 minutes each day sitting in a quiet space where you can relax. Let your mind drift and explore ways in which you can further enrich your life. Set yourself a goal to change one aspect of your life each day. It may be something small or large. The main thing is you do something different.

And I would encourage you to go further. Some time ago I listened to a colleague of mine give a talk and during it she said that her personal mantra was to

‘do something everyday that scares you’

Couple that with changing one aspect of your life each day and you have a powerful recipe for your personal and spiritual growth.

Life is about the journey and not the destination. The journey brings us growth, learning, opportunities and above all a chance to use our uniqueness to influence a world.

Thank you for reading this

Tony Wright (Dip.Psych. NLPt)

INLPTA Accredited Trainer of NLP


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