What is Neuro Linguistic Programming all about


As experienced trainers of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  we are often asked this question. NLP works at many different levels.

NLP can be used to help individuals to develop their emotional intelligence. Through knowledge of straight forward easy to learn techniques you can become competent in resolving and or removing unuseful habits and other unhelpful patterns of behaviour you may have. In addition you will learn techniques for dealing with confidence issues as well as more deep seated personal issues. The techniques you will learn will enable you to work effectively with others in a coaching role. Many of the Practitioners we have trained over the years have gone on to work with others either within their existing organisations or in private practice as coaches or in a therapeutic manner.

Research shows that a high percentage of change programmes in organisations fail to become embedded and as a result the benefits expected are not realised.  Using NLP to underpin change programmes can support the embedding of lasting change and deal with the behavioural and relationship issues which often come from a change regime in an effective manner.

There are many good schools out there who will deliver training at this level.

NLP is an empowering way of thinking and behaving that is complimentary to and supports the development of emotional and multiple intelligence.

At a more profound level NLP is fundamentally life changing. It is an extraordinarily powerful modality of Psychotherapy which allows individuals to deal with their personal issues in a very effective and straightforward manner. In our experience the use of NLP has been successful in dealing with bereavement issues, weight loss, stress, depression, self harm behaviours  and many other debilitating issues.

In this respect NLP is quite unique with regard to the breadth of issues it can be used to deal with as well as the depth to which it can be utilised.

If you are contemplating becoming a Practitioner of NLP or in further developing your NLP skills make sure of the following:

  • The school you choose is committed to ethical and ecological training.
  • It is accredited by a recognised organisation.
  • The trainers are ideally qualified therapists.
  • The trainers are accredited by a recognised organisation.
  • You are interviewed prior to booking by the trainer(s) and are fully aware of the programme requirements and the likely impact it will have on you. As a result of our interview process we typically refer around 50% of applicants to other schools to ensure best fit for them and ecological training programmes for us.
  • You are able to access support prior to, during and after the training.

Whether you are training at Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Foundation in Psychotherapy levels, be ready for a transformational shift in your life.

Enjoy the journey

Thank you for reading this

Tony Wright Dip.Psych. NLPt

INLPTA Accredited Trainer of NLP


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