Self Discovery


For many of us the journey through life is one of discovery. Some go off to discover new places at home and abroad while others carry out research and discover new species of plants and insects or new plastics and ways of computing.

Perhaps the most amazing journey any of us can undertake is the journey of Self Discovery. For those who seek to really understand how they came to be whom they are and get a sense of their life’s purpose the journey can be both fascinating and rewarding.

In our experience of working with people in this way and facilitating them on their journey we have come to realise that there are many ways of embarking on this journey. There are a wide range of personal growth programmes which all facilitate self discovery.

As with most other things in life variety adds significant value to any experience. When we embark upon a journey of self discovery the more we can be aware of alternative ways of achieving our outcome the more likely we are to achieve it.

Personally I have a very pragmatic approach to life. With a long background in engineering and business development things have to make sense to me. My own journey of self discovery started some 20 years ago and some 10 years ago I came across Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP as it is more commonly known.

The basis of NLP is logical and straight forward in its application and powerful with regard to the results it delivers. However, as an approach to self discovery it can only take you so far. Over the last 8 years of delivering NLP trainings to a wide variety of people we have found that it is more effective to go outside the world of NLP and include principles and techniques from many other areas of personal growth and development. The result is that we have developed a holistic approach that is delivered at several levels from a cognitive understanding of principles and technologies that are transformational in their application through to systemic change where deep seated negative emotions and beliefs are dealt with in a safe and ecological way.

The key to self discovery is to find a way that suits you and that you comfortable travelling and then find a coach or teacher who can guide you along your chosen path. Everyone’s personal journey is different and what suits one person may not suit another.

I personally avoid large group programmes where dozens and sometimes hundreds are all trained at the same time. I prefer instead to attend programmes where delegate numbers are low and always less than 20. This ensures that I always get full support from the trainer and can relax knowing that I will be appropriately looked after.

Whatever path you choose to take on your journey of self discovery make sure that it is the path that suits you and that you surround yourself with supportive family members and friends who will be there when you need them. Then find a reputable trainer who has a track record in successfully delivering self discovery programmes and meet with them and talk about what you want for yourself. Only commit when you are comfortable with the type of programme and the deliverer.

Enjoy your journey.

Tony Wright Dip.Psych.NLPt
INLPTA Accredited Trainer


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